Who We ARe

As entrepreneurs we fully recognize the constant worrying over cash flow gaps and the balancing act required to try to keep your business on track. As we've grown, we've made it our mission is to help our clients grow their business without them having to balance between making payroll or buying inventory, or paying bills. Quickly makes it easy for businesses to get the money they need exactly when they need it. We enable our clients to manage their own cash flow by having no long term commitments and no minimums.

We can take your invoice and give you cash in as little as 48 hours so you can take the next order, do payroll, get supplies or anything else your business needs to keep the orders coming in. We wait the 120 days for the Municipality to pay us – this will allow your business to get more orders, or larger orders so you can scale your business without having to worry about cash flow. Leave the worrying and collections with Quickly while you focus on growing your business.  


Giles Somerville | Co-Founder

Giles has over 25 years of experience co-founding, investing in and directing early stage private companies. Giles is a Partner at KG Investments a family office that invests in technology, media & specialty finance companies via direct equity investments and secondary loans. Notable early stage investments include: Facebook, Alibaba, Lyft, Spotify, Ripple, Yrefy & NJOY amongst others. KG has invested in over 50 early & late stage companies over the last 10 years. Giles was Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Milestone Equity Partners – one of the most successful Accelerator/Venture Funds of its vintage year 2001. MEP built a portfolio of over 40 early stage companies, notable companies included: Plaxo, Limelight Networks, Trust Digital, Secure Software, Olive Software & Airdesk. Notable follow on investors in portfolio companies included: Sequoia Capital, KPCB, Goldman Sachs Partner PE Fund, Oak Ventures, Palo Alto Ventures, Charles River, Harbinger, Globespan, Cisco, Comcast, DAG amongst others. Giles attended Georgetown University and currently is Chairman of the Board of publicly traded company IZON Network.

Nelson Cooney | Principal

Mr. Cooney Nelson is a Partner at Blue Sand Securities and has secured several billion dollars of financing for his clients. Prior to Blue Sand, Nelson founded and ran VentureGov Group, a strategic business development firm that supported leading venture-backed technology companies in selling products to the federal government and began his career as a Presidential Appointee for George W. Bush 

Principal Funding

KG Investments is an investor in Quickly and provides a consistent source of financing for Quickly projects. KG Investments is a family office fund and has a broad portfolio of over 40 investments and funds including: